Welcome to your Future Website !

I created this website to use as portfolio for my web-design skill and to show people how important a good looking website truly is for any company !

Why should my business get a neat-looking website ? 

For the same reason you chose one product over another, an appealing packaging helps the customer make a choice he believes in. The customer’s journey through your site has become a product in its own right. An ill-conceived website can make your clients runaway.
And now that most of the sales are made online, it’s more important than ever !

What elements my website needs to be seen and used ?


To make sure that people know that you have a functioning website, you need Search Engine Optimization. That means creating relevant content on your website so that your natural referencing increases by itself ! SEA is quite similar, but it uses ads shown to specific audiences via different canals

An established purpose

Click funnels, Landing pages, Call-to-Action… All those strategies are put in place to make sure the client does on your website what you designed it to do.
Making sure the path is well-designed is one of the keys to a perfect website ! Defining your purpose clearly can resonate if you’re brand identity is tight

A healthy dose of design

Your business objectives defines what your website should look like. As you will see with the details in my websites examples, there are many ways a website can be designed. Respecting a graphic charter that goes well with your logo is a good start, everything must look as part of one big entity, your Brand