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About Myself

My professional journey started in Brest in Brittany.
I wanted to learn about the world by myself and decided myself to go into botanic and ecological studies. Passionate about the various ways plants are useful to humanity, my most valuable skill was to gather people with different views around a same project to carry it out. That’s how I learned that my social skills helped me bring together a network on which I rely on constantly, and that I continuously update.

Having achieved my Bachelor in Biology of organisms and populations – Environment in 2019, I turned myself into a more professionally-oriented curriculum by integrating the 2020 promotion of the Professional Bachelor in Agro-ecology of Rennes 1, in partnership with Agrocampus-Ouest.
Being the class representative, I had many tasks that needed me to create a good ecosystem for me and my classmate, organizing travels around various farms to do practical work and studies, as well as communicating constantly with the professors to make sure informations were carried out accordingly.

The 2020th year now being history, the French emergency state and containment laws did not allow me to complete my 6-month internship, thus leaving me with no choices than to drop out and find a job in a Supermarket…

Reconversion and professional insights

My Bachelor’s degree not permitting me to enter any Biology Master’s degree in the field that I wanted to,  It made me rethink what profession I would like to do in my future.
Some friends from high-school finishing their Master’s degree Apprenticeship started talking to me about the company that they were gonna open : Nerubi.
Simply enough, it is a digital solutions company providing services from SEO/SEA to managing your website or your Youtube Channel, working with some renowned love coach and influencers, to help build their community.
I started doing some SEO Work with them, improving my copywriting skills and I got to say it grew on me !

Forming myself to acquire new skills, I knew that Internet would be my best teacher in this journey ! That’s why I’m actively using Udemy and LinkedIn to keep me up to date on digital marketing and I’m aiming to get certifications from Google (Ads, Manager, Analytics) as well as Facebook Business Manager. I’m also using CMS such as WordPress, but would also like to try and use Shopify.

On the design side, I’m currently using Canva with ease but would like to step up to use more professional tools such as the PAO Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator) to be able to produce even more professional and qualitative content.

My aim 

I’m aiming at developing my skills as much as possible in diversified ways. I’m keen on learning new digital features that help businesses thrive in a competitive market.

One way to easily place yourself in a good spot, is a decent website.

That’s why I created this website first.


What entrusting me with your website design means

Web design

A website designed from top to bottom as you command ! Nothing is impossible today 


Want to implement new features on your website when you saw it on your competitor’s website ? Done

Smartphone portability

If your website looks good, it should to on mobile devices ! Most of people surf on the web with it now


You got some international customers and would like to get this website in French ? Done


To be seen and used as it is supposed to be, a website must be SEO-ready to be efficient

Free Updates

Something’s wrong ? Contact me and we’ll see how to fix it !